Colleen Edwards

Owner  & Director


I'm Colleen Edwards, owner and director of Angel Haven. I have worked in Child Development for over 30 years. I homeschooled my own children and worked for several preschools early in my career before opening Angel Haven in 2001. Helping parents raise bright, happy, independent children is my passion!


Our Philosophy and goals


Our philosophy and goals here at Angel Haven are simple. We recognize that you, the Parent/Guardian, are your child's primary caregiver. Because of circumstances and sometimes choice, there are times when your child cannot be with you. We attempt to make that sometimes difficult transition as easy and positive as possible. Parents are allowed flexibility in scheduling and we will accommodate your requested hours as best we can.


Our goal at Angel Haven is to have a developmentally appropriate program geared to meet the varying needs of the children involved. This means that we plan the environment and program to meet the changing needs of the growing, developing child. These needs may be different for different children of the same age, and while we must consider the needs of all the children, each child is evaluated on an individual basis.


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